Do you happen to know your mobile phone’s hotspot name? Did you give it any thought if you renamed it? Or, have you never thought about it at all?

Let me put it another way: How much money has your phone’s mobile hotspot name made you in the past four years? Mine has made me over $50k.

Did you know that if you go into the “settings” section of your mobile phone, you can rename the mobile WiFi hotspot that’s built into your device?

I’m talking about the thing that lets you get WiFi internet to your laptop from your phone. Almost all phones have them now, and the major carriers no longer charge an additional fee to use them. It’s just built into your monthly charges.

Anyhow, you can rename that hotspot to anything you want, and that name is broadcast around you, like any WiFi hotspot would be.

My mobile hotspot name? @petershankman, the same name that I use on all of the socials.

On Friday, I was on an Amtrak Acela, headed from Boston back to NYC. I was working on my laptop, rocking out to a remix of Toto’s “Africa,” when someone tapped me on the shoulder.

I looked up, and it was the former President of K’NEX Toys. He followed me on social media, and sure enough, when he boarded the train, he’d sat down and turned on his laptop. While looking for the Amtrak WiFi signal, he saw my hotspot’s name. He looked around, and now we were networking.

This has happened before – Countless times. And yes, I’ve gotten several speaking engagements that began with someone noticing my WiFi hotspot name. all from my simple act of renaming my hotspot to something that relates back to me.

In the end, that’s the key: Everyone thinks that change has to be this massive thing – When in fact, almost all the success that anyone will ever have comes from tiny little things – just doing one thing slightly different than everyone else.

Remember: The bar is set so ridiculously low. Show up, do the bare minimum, go home.

Doing the slightest bit more than the bare minimum can have a MASSIVELY beneficial difference in your life.

I like to think I’m living proof of this.

Talk soon,




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  • Lisa Schnorr says:

    Hey Peter! Thank you so much for coming out to Maplewood NJ last night to speak at the Tuscan Elementary school!! I loved hearing your stories and advice!! My son Alex has ADHD and was diagnosed at 7. He has an IEP and has been off meds for 3 years. We found out that his body does not process preservatives and toxins like most people. So instead of shedding the junk, he stores it. It took 6 month to clear him out but he’s much healthier. Who knew? It is quite a journey with ADHD, but Alex is and always has been a gift. You talk was inspiring and uplifting, I know that someday Alex will find his path. So happy that you found yours!! Have a great weekend!! Hope you get to skydive, and you get to bed at 8:15pm tonight.

    Lisa Schnorr

  • Notsomuch Forwomen says:

    It’s a great idea, for men.

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