T-Mobile Took Thousands of Dollars From Me Last Week (And I Was Fine With That)

Happy Friday morning from Boston, MA, where I gave the Stanley P. Stone Distinguished Lecture last night at my Alma Mater, Boston University. It was an insane honor, since, let’s face it, my undiagnosed ADHD throughout my college career kept me closer to “just barely passing my classes” than “dean’s list.” I’m humbled to have been chosen to give the lecture last night, and I truly hope the stories I told resonated with students who might be teetering on the edge, like I was almost 30 years ago.

Anyhow – T-Mobile. Last weekend, as you know, I took my daughter on a three-day Disney cruise. She had a truly amazing time, having tea with princesses, watching “Up” while going down the small water slide, (for the life of me, I couldn’t get her to do the Aqua Duck with me, she was too scared…) But she loved her journey.

I stayed off social media, and off my devices all weekend – until Saturday afternoon. I’d dropped my daughter at the Kid’s Club so I could get a few hours of sanity on the “jogging deck.” I did a few miles, then hit the ship gym for a bike workout. When I was done, I turned on the data on my apple watch, only to automatically upload my workout to Strava.

That’s when I got the following text message from T-Mobile:

Think about that – T-Mobile EASILY could have let me spend a FORTUNE on data charges – (Something Verizon would have done to me years ago had I not noticed in advance.)

Instead, they sent me this text – Costing themselves a few bucks, sure – But absolutely guaranteeing that I’d stick with them for life. My bill with them is roughly $100 a month. $1200-$1300 per year – GUARANTEED. And as any Wall Street exec will tell you, recurring revenue is so much nicer than one-off revenue.

What can you learn from my awesome customer experience with T-Mobile? Do the right thing by your customers, even when it costs you a few bucks up-front. The back-end returns will almost always be worth it. T-Mobile guaranteed themselves thousands of dollars in future revenue from me. All with one text message. Not bad, huh?

Happy Friday, my friends. If you happen to be on Amtrak Acela Express 2159 headed to NYC from Boston right now, come find me and I’ll buy you a cup of coffee!



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