Sir Richard Branson: Please be a guest on my podcast

Dear Sir Richard:

Please be a guest on my podcast, Faster Than Normal. It’s the #1 podcast focusing on ADHD as a gift, not a curse. We’ve had Tony Robbins and Seth Godin on it, among many other CEOs, celebrities, and doctors.

There. That’s the ask in one sentence or less, because, well, ADHD.

Here’s the longer version, for your people to read:

Sir Richard:

I’ve long considered you a hero of mine, and I’ve tried to emulate you as much as possible in my professional life, with some level of success. You probably don’t remember this, but I met you one day when I waited six hours outside the Virgin Records store in NYC for a chance to interview to be on your reality show. (In the end, the producer chose a much more attractive man from our group of six, but I do remember you shaking my hand as you passed.)

Anyhow, Sir Richard, I’ve modeled a good portion of my career after what you’ve done with yours. You’ve always been very open about using your ADHD to your advantage, and so have I. You’ve always talked about hiring brilliant people and getting out of their way. I do the same. You’ve sold companies for billions of dollars. I’ve sold companies for millions of dollars. So I’m still working on that part, but getting there.

I believe, as I know you do as well, that if you’ve had any modicum of success, you have a responsibility to “send the elevator back down.” That’s why I launched the Faster Than Normal podcast. The goal is to explain to those who have ADHD that they’re not broken, they’re not misfits, and in fact, having a faster brain is a gift, not a curse. We do that by interviewing successful people throughout the world, all with ADHD, such as Seth Godin, Tony Robbins, and I hope, Sir Richard, yourself. The podcasts are recorded from wherever you are. They’re done via Skype, or I’m happy to get on a plane, fly to anywhere in the world, and meet you in person for twenty minutes. Yes, the podcasts are only twenty minutes long, because, well, sir, ADHD.

That’s my pitch. Please be a guest on the Faster Than Normal Podcast. We have over 30,000 listeners per episode who I GUARANTEE would learn so much from you – And, as a bonus, we have a ton of parents and students who listen to us, as well. I have no doubt that hearing from someone who has used their “disability” to their advantage would give them more hope than they’ve had in quite some time.

Please come on Faster Than Normal, Sir Richard. Thank you.

-Peter Shankman
Faster Than Normal

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  • Catherine says:

    Would love to hear Sir Richard Branson on your podcast, Peter. I had no idea he had ADHD. More proof that we really are just faster than normal not broken.

  • Oz says:


  • Jennie Friedman says:

    I would love to hear Sir Richard Branson on your show, Peter! I’d also love to have you back on mine.
    🙂 Get better quickly!

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