Welcome to those who found me in the NY Times this morning

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If you’re here because you read this, then welcome.

That story was the result of this post. To go on record, I stand 100% by my comments. If you’re not willing to do the work that it takes to be good at what you do, go do something else.

Now then… As long as you’re here, join my “help a reporter” Facebook group.

In other random news, for some reason, I was in the NY Post today. I have no idea why, I never gave an interview, nor do I know how they found me. It’s a good piece, though, so I’ll take it.

Lastly: Anyone know how to set up a brand new Bose V30 to connect to a brand new Samsung FPT5084? If you do, come over, and I’ll ply you with beers to hook me all up.

Really lastly: I’m on the road this week, in Denver Wednesday through Friday for Disaboom. Anyone there want to go for coffee or such? Let me know.

I just found out (literally, as I’m typing this) that I’m doing Fox News at 11:30am. They have a new show called “Happening Now.” I’m pontificating on the implications of Oprah’s news conference.

OK, truly, truly lastly: I know I haven’t mentioned anything about the marathon. I’ll sum it up. Yesterday was a bitch. I watched with my fellow teammates, and took tons and tons of pictures. I smiled and cheered with the best of them. I even blogged a ton for the Sun about it.

But deep down, not doing it because I was injured really, really hurt.

“Next time, the stars will sing to me, next time, the girl will cling to me, next time… like perfect lovers we’ll be… but next time… is self-deception… what I.. want… now… is… this time… and somehow… I’ll have… Next time… Now…” -Closer Than Ever – Maltby and Shire – Off Broadway, 1989-1990.

PS: New client alert coming soon – A new client, guaranteed to put me in the hospital. Trust me.

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