Two types of time…

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I read the greatest quote on ADD the other day. “In ADD, there are only two types of time: “Now,” and “not now.”” While this is, 100%, without question, my life, I’ll get into more of that at some point in a future post. I promise.

The reason I bring it up today, is because we live in a “now or not now” kind of world, yet so few of us take advantage of it.

Ike Pigott mentioned a Twitter post I made yesterday in his post on the blog Now Is Gone. Nutshell: He works for the Red Cross, and I was the first person in the city yesterday to have a blog post (or any media post) up about the Trump SoHo Building Collapse. He found out from my Twitter post, and since he works for the Red Cross, building collapses are kind of important to him. Ike’s take on his blog is that because he trusts me, he took my post and twitter alert for what they were, and was able to alert his supervisors more than 15 minutes before any media covered the story.

That’s “now.”

“Not now” is what every other media source did, when they “broke” the story 5, 10, 15, even EIGHTEEN MINUTES LATER.

18 minutes is a LIFETIME.

Speed is life, people. Remember that FedEx Commercial, (I think it was a FedEx commercial, anyway… It could have been a skydiving quote…) “Perfect Speed is Being There.”

That’s “now.” “Not now” can be two-day-mail, or fternoon delivery, or three-day-ship, or pony-freaking-express. You know what? I don’t care. It’s not “now.”

Are you using everything you’ve got for “now” as opposed to “not now?”

Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, Blackberries, Mobile Phones…

NEVER before have we had this kind of technology. If you’re not using it to find perfect speed, you are WASTING TIME.

Rich enough not to waste time.”Sorry Gordon, it’s no longer about money. It’s about technology, and being smart enough and quick enough to USE that technology to your advantage – to beat the next guy – to get the client – to parlay the news – to sell or buy the stock – to LIVE. Not just to wait.

“Being on the tightrope is living. Everything else is just waiting.” –Karl Wallenda. And before you give me crap, yes, I know he died on the tightrope. But you know what? He died living. And that’s the only acceptable way to go, in my book.

Are you living?

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