Twitter Trivia Contest, Hurricane Irene Edition!

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Hey gang! Remember Boxing Day 2008, where I held a massive all-day trivia contest on Twitter, giving out prizes to everyone who had to work that day? Remember the one I did on the HARO anniversary the following year? They were both a ton of fun, and there were awesome prizes to be had!

Well, I feel like doing it again this weekend, for as long as we have power and connectivity! We’re all going to be home and chilling anyway (at least those on the east coast) and in NYC, all outdoor events (including the two races I was going to run) have been cancelled. So why not give out some prizes?

It won’t be as massive as last time, since I don’t have the awesome Meagan Walker to help me, but I’ll do as many as I can over the course of the weekend. (She’s home tying down her three foot inflatable pool, but follow her on Twitter here – Perhaps she’ll give out a prize remotely!)

We’ve already got a bunch of great prizes donated in the past ten minutes, but we need more. Want to get your company in front of a lot of people? Shoot me an email – peter – at – shankman – dot – com – and tell me what you’re willing to give away. Tell me your Twitter handle or FB Fan Page address as well, so I can mention it in the Tweet. Then, I’ll direct the winner right to you, and you can handle getting them their prize.

Sound fun? It was the last time we did it – So let’s make waiting out Irene a bit more tolerable, and take our minds off the constant “It’s going to be horrible!!” soundbites we’re hearing nonstop on the news.

Stay tuned to me on Twitter – The contest will start sometime Saturday morning, East Coast time!

And be safe this weekend, wherever you are!


-Peter Shankman


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