Twitter Questions Answered From A Plane: Volume IV

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Welcome to Volume Four of “Your Twitter Questions Answered on a Plane! This trip finds me on TG (Thai Air) 214, headed from Phuket back to Bangkok.

We runnin’ this thing. Let’s go.

@dartthrowtrader wants to know the best way to train interns to answer the 3-5 HARO queries per week that match what he does. My recommendation? Don’t. Answer them yourself. If you’re good, it’ll take you two minutes out of your day, 3x per day, to find the right ones and answer them. If you have interns, you can BCC them so they learn, but to find people right away and “train” them to have your passion? Probably won’t happen, which will greatly diminish the number of HARO success stories you get.

@CareerCheatCode wants to know how to make the best in the world – The answer simple: Live, breathe and eat your site. You obviously have passion for it. The job is to convince everyone else that your passion is worth it. Show them. Talk about it. Explain why you’re better every chance you get, but not by telling them – by showing people. Remember – when self-promotion is done right, it’s help. Help everyone.

@npantner wants to know if I’ll come to the University of North Florida when they have their next Marketing Expo. Sure. Email me.

@outsideismylove wants to know how to prevent his/her legs/joints from hurting during a long race. I’m not a doctor, but I know what works for me – Make sure you have the right shoes, and take lots of Glucosomine and fish oil capsules each day. They help me.

@mightyboognish wants a career change our of pharma, but doesn’t know where to go. That’s easy. What do you love? Do that.

@jessicaonline wants to know the meaning of life. Come on, Jessica – Really? The answer is obvious: 42.

@Davequinn247 wants to know how to battle late afternoon fatigue. Good question. For me, since I get up so early, it’s a lot of water (for some reason, the more water I drink, the less tired I am) and also, when I feel myself starting to fade, I drop for a few pushups. That always re-energizes me.

@Scherecwich wants to know with Osama dead and al qaida threatening revenge, do I fear flying? Hell no. We’re safer in the skies now than we’ve ever been. Not because of the ineptness of the TSA, but because people like me have no quams about killing anyone who tries anything. No jury in the world would convict us.

@davidwsshaw wants to know my favorite book: Overall? Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. Worthwhile reading for life, business, and love.

@Randallkane wants to know when I’m going to start training for the NYC Ironman – I’m thinking February 1. Gives me a good solid base of six months.

@mikepetrucci wants to know if I’ve ever done a 30k foot skydive. Nope. Highest I’ve ever gone is 22,500. I’d LOVE to do 30k feet. Would do it in a heartbeat.

@blue22pr has a good one – How do so many people get in trouble in 140 characters or less? I think it comes down to the bad merger of anonymimity and power. Take a celebrity who’s gotten big and give them a computer. They don’t realize what comes out the other side – They just see a screen or a keyboard. That combination is a bad one.

@whochamudew wants to know my training plan for the NYC Ironman. I don’t know it yet, but I’m predicting a lot of biking, a ton of swimming, and a lot of speed work.

@ryanshell asks the moment I knew I could make a lot of money with HARO. I’d say the day people came to me with money asking to buy ads. Then I knew I had something.

@NancyD68 wants to know about my connection to HollaBack and how she can help – Contact me, Nancy. You write a blog, we’d love to have you interview our president.

@DaiTexas asks what my favorite movie is. I don’t have just one – Really depends on my mood. Back to the Future. Casablanca, Midnight Run, Wag the Dog, Bullworth, Love Actually, The Maltese Falcoln, to name a few… They all have special places in my heart.

@BRELOW wants to know if I’ll be in Philly soon. Yup! Keep checking my calendar ( to details.

@karenbdc wants to know about the most interesting/unexpected thing I’ve learned from changing my diet. Good question – Definitely that you don’t need to eat every three hours, you don’t need to “Carb up,” and that something called “intermittent fasting” can change your life. Check out for more.

@QuipsAndTips Wants to know if I think the Google +1 button is worth it. Until it’s proven to be anti-beneficial, I say, keep it on your site.

@elizabethpw wants to know if self-publishing builds credibility, or if it’s worth it to wait for a “real” publisher. I’ve always used real publishers – the value I think comes in how many you can sell.

@jasonjhr wants to know which socmed monitoring programs I use. I’m old school, Jason. TweetDeck, UberSocial, and Google News Alerts prove more than enough for me and my company and my clients.

@christynross wants to know if I’d like it if a woman brought me flowers. I’d love it! ☺

@mjonesTO wants to know where the person next to me is from. She lives in Manhattan, but grew up a Jersey girl. (Good question! It spurred conversation!)

@duckufan wants to know the #1 piece of advice I can give a small business to help them grow. “If my business had a dollar left to its name, I’d spend it on stellar customer service.

@cccreationsusa wants to know if I have any “Peter Shankman” gear for my fans. 1) I’m shocked that I have fans. 2) I doubt anyone would buy it. 3) If there’s really a market for it, I’d consider it. ☺

@Jesperflugfiske wants to know if FB is a bad place for b2b, not b2c. Well, I’ve still never met a company that buys things. People in the company buy things. So I’m a fan of FB for any kind of communication, assuming your audience is there, which I believe them to be in your case.

That’s it for this one – Tune in next time for more questions! I’m headed to Kansas, then St. Louis, then India in a few weeks, that’ll make for lots of time for questions. Thanks for reading!

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