Today’s question: Who’s the bigger moron?

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So who’s the bigger idiot?

Me, for going to the lobby of my hotel and seeing two company-provided cars – one to take people to Miami International Airport, and one to take people to Fort Lauderdale, then, after looking at my ticket that says FORT LAUDERDALE, getting into the Miami car, and not realizing it until I’m there…


The two different TSA officials at MIAMI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, who, after matching my face to my ID to my ticket that said FORT LAUDERDALE AIRPORT, said, “go right ahead, sir,” and let me go through security?

I get to my gate, noticing that not only is my flight not there, but the gate LETTER doesn’t match. Cue sick feeling in stomach – “Oh, shit.”

Bolted out of the airport, grabbed a cab, and close to $100 later, (<$%$#^%$%”>#@) was at Fort Lauderdale airport, from where I type this. (And people laugh at my anal habit of getting to the airport early. HA, I say. HA!)

Either way, though, I feel like a freaking idiot, but not so much as I imagine the stupidity of the TSA – They’re matching what then, name to ID? And if so, why don’t I just write my own ticket? It’d be more fun that way. “Where you going today, sir?” “Munchkinland, but my name matches my ID.”

Sigh. I shouldn’t be allowed to take flights before my brain wakes up enough to connect to the motor functions in my body. I WAS LOOKING AT THE TICKET AS I GOT INTO THE CAR. HOW DOES SOMEONE SCREW THAT UP?!?!

Happy Sunday.

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