TiVo Makes Good

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Quick update to my post of yesterday – TiVo called me last night, noting that they saw my blog post and wanted some more information. When I repeated my story, Paul, the customer service person on the executive team, told me that while they do encourage their customer service reps to stick to a script and be vigilant in how and when they offer refunds, they also encourage them to use common sense, and that the customer service rep should have simply looked at my account, seen how many DVRs I own, how long I’ve been customer, and granted me an exception.

He said he’d talk to the customer service rep and explain the difference to her, and would obviously also credit my account.

So good came out of this: Not only was my account credited and the charges removed, but that customer service rep will understand the subtle differences a little better. Everyone wins. 🙂

Well done, TiVo. Win.

PS: Should mention that they didn’t know who I was, or how big my Twitter following was, or anything. They just told me that they search blogs on a regular basis to see what people are saying, and came up with my story.

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