“This email was sent to you because you’re a friend or client.

Have you joined my incredibly non-annoying, once-in-a-while email newsletter?

Got this from someone. I don’t know him. I don’t think I know him, anyway. It was an email announcing that he’s speaking at some conference. It ended with this:

This message is sent to you because you are a Friend, Contact or Client of Raj Goel, CISSP

917-685-7731 / raj@brainlink.com

and subscribed to the mailing list <RajGoelContacts@brainlink.com>.

To unsubscribe, E-mail to: <RajGoelContacts-off@brainlink.com>

To switch to the DIGEST mode, E-mail to <RajGoelContacts-digest@brainlink.com>

To switch to the INDEX mode, E-mail to <RajGoelContacts-index@brainlink.com>

Send administrative queries to RajGoelContacts-request@brainlink.com

Is it just me, or is that tacky?

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