The "Harrah's Loves New York" Take Over The Tower Event Wrap

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I’m a bit tired… But… What a spectacular event. The models looked outstanding, thanks to the artists at Mario Ink, Fox News, Fox Business News, and several other media showed up, The models gave out over 3,000 keys, and in all, the client was thrilled. A successful event all the way around.

Definitely some lessons learned… It didn’t need to be three hours. We could have easily finished it in two. Not a big problem, but when you have hot women giving away free stuff, it’s never going to be a problem getting people to take it.(AP Photo/Dima Gavrysh/ Harrah’s/Handout)We secured a spectacular area to give stuff away, I’d done my homework earlier and walked the area. We wound up here – Note the open pedestrian block? It was perfect – We had cross pedestrian traffic on Broadway, as well as on Wall Street. Everywhere you went, people were walking into us and getting our keys. You couldn’t beat it.
View Larger MapSo my girls were right at that pedestrian street entrance on Wall and Broadway. Totally perfect. Rule from this: Do your homework – Don’t just look at a map – Walk the location. Makes it SO much better.

If you don’t have permits, the cops are going to come by and ask what you’re doing. Response? Tell them. Offer them whatever you’re giving away, smile, be nice, don’t put up a fight. End result?Remember that once you start giving stuff away, people will just appear. It’s like teleportation. Free stuff Whoosh, thousands of people.

And even more people. Smile at all of them. And remember, when they’re getting free stuff, you can get them to do anything. “Stand next to these girls and wave! Give it away, and they shall come.

Make sure you get photos of the news media interviewing your client, (or your client’s models.)Fox Business News Channel and Harrah's

Finally, when it’s over, get a little more local flavor, if you can…

And don’t forget to reward your models…

And finally, don’t forget to make sure you get a photo in there yourself!

I shot a bunch of video of the event, too. Might be a good chance to play with my new copy of Final Cut Pro, and see what I can’t create.

All in all, a great event. Congrats to all involved!

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