Survey: 32% of people have posted then regretted

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Every once in a long while, someone pitches me something that’s surprisingly right on target. Today was one. Jennifer Jacobson at Retrevo sent me an interesting pitch about a survey they conducted – Turns out, I’m right to keep my Blackberry at home when I go out and know I’ll be drinking. Results below. Be careful out there, peeps.

Full story is here.

Study Highlights:32% of people surveyed say they’ve posted something online they regrettedOf that 32%: 3% say it ruined their marriage or relationship with someone. 6% of them said it caused problems at work or home.– Of that 32%: 13% were able to remove the offending post- 59% of iPhone users have posted something online they regretted- 54% of people under 25 years old have posted something online they regretted- Only 27% of people over age 25 have posted something online they regretted

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