Someone get me a Diet Coke

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Did anyone happen to notice that Taco Bell sent two delivery boys to Paris’ Grandparents house to give Paris her first meal upon her release from jail?

I saw this repeated on CNN, the BBC, and the local Singapore news several times over the course of the evening, because I was up from 3am on. I don’t know why. I couldn’t sleep. But regardless, Taco Bell, yet again, comes to the forefront of Timely Stunts. I’ve mentioned this numerous times – does your PR stunt have a time-frame call to action? Is it relevant?

120 Google News hits on Taco Bell + in the past eight hours.

Is your campaign timely?

In other news, the conference producer came to me and said that while the audience liked me, I was speaking too fast, could I slow it down.


Obviously some mistake. Me? I don’t speak too fast!

Peter and his Diet Cokes
Of course not. Note two Diet Cokes before 10am. And those are just the two that are visible.

More later. This day would appear to be flying by.

Tomorrow night I get to go to Singapore’s famous Night Safari. I’m excited about this beyond words!

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