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Last week I tweeted that I’d come up with the perfect challenge for myself for September. So here it is.

I’m going to try and go the entire month without using Mass Transit, Taxicabs, or car services within the five boroughs AT ALL.

In other words, I’m going to become a pure, 100% walker.

I live all the way on one side of Manhattan. (The West side. The good side.) Anyway… There’s a bus that stops right in front of my apartment, and makes it incredibly easy to get to the middle of the city, where I can grab any subway I want. While this is easy, it also lets me leave at like, 7:40 for an 8am meeting downtown, which usually I’ll make.

Problem is, one of the biggest reasons to live in NYC is that by simply living your daily life, you get a workout every day! By taking the bus to the subway, I’m kinda becoming… suburban! Next thing I know, I’m going to start taking the escalator to the gym. This has to stop.

So – I’m going to try and go the entire month without taking mass transit, cabs, or car services even once.

Ground rules:

1) I can take mass transit to the airport, like I normally do, but if I’m going to Newark Airport, I have to walk to Penn Station.

2) I can still drive my car, as long as I’m leaving the city. But this isn’t new, I never, ever drive my car between any two points in Manhattan.

3) Weather doesn’t matter.

4) If I’m traveling to a city with a good mass transit system (Chicago, San Francisco, etc.) same rules apply. I can take mass transit from the airport to my hotel and back, but that’s it.

So that’s my challenge. Walk everywhere. I’ll have to leave a little earlier, and might start rethinking how much stuff I carry on a regular basis. My ScotteVest will come in quite handy, and the guys at TriSmarter will, I’m sure, be happy about my challenge.

So here’s the question… Anyone up for it with me?

Tips? Ideas? Thoughts? Leave them below. I’ll post random updates on my blog as the month progresses. I’ll also note if I’ve lost any additional weight at the end of the month.

I’d better subway it up as much as possible today.

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