Score one for Continental Airlines, Newark Airport, and the TSA

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Live from PRSA Miami, where I just arrived, I offer this fun little story:

Every once in a while, you get shocked. Continental Airlines has a new system where if you go to a link on your Blackberry, the TSA can scan the screen and you don’t have to print out the boarding pass. I obviously knew I HAD to do it this morning and have hilarity ensue as I stood at security when they wouldn’t accept it, as I waited for 50 agents plus 12 supervisors plus the mayor of Newark and the President of Continental to show up, all while being strip-searched. And it was 4:45am. But I did it anyway, because hey, I’m like a human version of disruptive technology.

Imagine my utter shock when I walked up to security, the woman looked at my Blackberry, pulled out a scanning gun, scanned it, and I was through in ten seconds. I was beyond shocked. Especially at Newark, the land of “If you don’t like it, you can be callin’ my supervisor an stuff.” So credit where credit is due, I was amazed.

Lesson? Expect the worst, but applaud when it’s the best.

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