RepVine does a V2

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RepVine has launched a new v2 of their site – Looks pretty good.  Let’s you post your reputation online, based on how other people review you, and how other people review them. Interesting concept. Site is much cleaner and easier to use now, as well. V2’s are good things.

They’re gonna suffer from the same initial hell that AirTroductions suffers from – i.e., membership needs to dramatically grow to make it worthwhile – but like AirTroductions, they seem to be going about it the right way.

A few cool things I found from them:

for dating: (not 100% work-safe)

for job seekers:

for freelancers:

What I really like about it more than anything is that it’s a controlled environment. It’s not like a “hot or not” site – the references are actually worth something. And unline Linked-In, it’s also based on what people think about the people giving you references – so it’s almost peer-reviewed.

Might be very cool. Will keep an eye on it.

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