Regarding Meagan

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EDITED TO ADD: Meagan isn’t leaving me, and I’m not looking for someone new. She’s still working for me. She just has less to do, since I’m doing a ton more speaking and consulting all around the world. So she just wants more to do, and has my blessing to look for more to do, while continuing to work for me. And no, I haven’t “kicked her to the curb,” as one friend texted me to ask.

For those of my age, you’ll recognize the subject as a play on that random Harrison Ford movie. For those not as old as me… Well, this is a post about Meagan.

Meagan Walker, for the few who don’t know, is the reason my blog posts go out when they should. She’s the reason I write them in the first place, since they’re almost all written on planes. She’s the reason I’m on time for the flights where I can write the posts.

Meagan Walker, for more than three years, has run every facet of my professional life. (And a good chunk of my personal, as well.) Meagan is without question, the brains behind this operation.

I never thought I needed an assistant. Then I booked two dinners, both on the same night. It gets better: They were each on different continents.

And then I found Meagan. And she helped me throughout HARO’s rocket ship growth, and has stuck with me day in and day out. She’s not so much my assistant anymore, as she is my little sister.

And she’s my daily lifesaver.

But… Much like the “if you love something, set it free” poem, I know my little sister needs to grow. And I want her to.

Hence the reason for this post – Meagan will still be my lifesaver – no doubt – But now, she’s going to do so as a consultant to me – Which means her talents, brains, and smarts will be available to those worthy of her – Companies who need a planner, a producer, a magic-creator – You know what I mean.

Looking for someone brilliant to help you out as a consultant? You couldn’t do better than my “little sister.” Reach out to her – She’s meagan – at – shankman – dot – com.

And if I haven’t already said it – She’s awesome.

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