PMA Lust: The Nikon D2X. Drool, Drool.

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Damn you, Nikon, for making yet another camera so beautiful, so sexy, that I’d give my small intestine to own it.


Wow. With wi-fi to transfer the photos to a laptop without wires, and automatically as you’re shooting… Mmm… Looks like I’m going to have to sell My D1x (and my spleen) and buy one.

Probably too heavy for a helmet-cam. Or is it?

Doesn’t matter. I’d shoot with this baby until my fingers fell off.

Y’all do know I have a degree or two in fashion photography and photojournalism, right?


And I also have lots of friends who don’t mind spending their Saturdays posing for me.



It’s also good to have a cat who knows she won’t get fed until I get the photo I want.  (Kidding.) Check out my reflection in her eye.


Ah… Action. the last frontier of any fast lens.


Finally, one of my most favorite non-posed, non-set-up shots I took in all of 2005, if not my entire favorite.

All of which explains, perfectly, why I’m running companies that have nothing to do with photography. Naturally. Sigh.

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