My wings have been clipped – I lost my cell phone.

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Son. Of. A. Bitch.

If I had your number in my phone (if I ever called or texted you, chances are, I did,) can you shoot me an email with your number again? Use whatever email you like, just so long as I get your number again.

I seriously feel so freakin’ disconnected right now. Stupid cell phone. Why hasn’t someone made a device that beeps if you’re more than 10 feet away from it?

It’s in a cab. I know it is.

Back up your numbers, people. My tip of the day. On the plus side, it goes right to voice mail if I call it, so that means someone shut it off. And they probably didn’t know that I have a auto-restart lock on it, so it’s now useless to them. Ha.

Either way, though, annoying as hell.

Sigh. Email me your phone numbers…

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