McDonald’s to make-over employee uniforms

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According to this article in Ad Age today, McDonald’s is planning on making over their uniforms – they’re in talks with P Diddy, Tommy Hilfiger, and Russell Simmons to help them do this.

Their goal is to make their employees walking billboards.

Prediction: This will NOT work.

The whole concept behind a McJob is that it’s something you do to make  enough money to do something better. For McDonald’s to even think that their employees are going to walk to walk around in their uniforms AFTER WORK to show their loyalty to this corporate entity is laughable.

I never worked at a McD’s, but I worked at an “I can’t Believe it’s Yogurt” the summer of my Senior Year in high school. Same thing – The only reason I worked there and put up with the hellish women from the upper east side was to make enough money to do other things – anything, for that matter, that didn’t involve yogurt.

Thoughts? Good idea? Would you buy the McD’s line at Macy’s?

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