Maybe Dodgeball isn’t as make-fun-of worthy as I thought…

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About 2 years ago or so, I got invited to join Dodgeball, a networking/mobile site that allows you to broadcast where you are, bar or restaurant wise, to your friends, and they in turn, can do the same. If you find yourself close to them, you can go over and join them. you can also be alerted when specific people are near you, all via your mobile device. Cool concept, if perhaps a little clingy. Google wound up buying it a few months ago, so it couldn’t be all that bad.

I joined, and rarely used it – I have a small circle of friends, and only one friend used it religiously. Used it so much, in fact, that we made fun of him to no end.

Perhaps I’m rethinking now. Perhaps it’s not so much that the service is annoying, but rather, like all good things, it needs to be used in moderation. So Perhaps I’ll try to use it again – to get out, make some new friends, enjoy myself… And not make fun of people that use it every night. Well, actually, I’ll still make fun of people who use it every night, perhaps just not as much.

So, if you’re a fan of Dodgeball, feel free to add “geekfactory” to your circle of friends. Why not.

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