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Bravo, Bravo, Bravo to Burger King for having some BALLS!

Can you imagine proposing this to your client, if your client was Burger King?

“Yeah, we want to make a commercial where we tell your customers in a specific store that we no longer make our flagship product.”

“Then, we want to replace that flagship product with A COMPETING PRODUCT and see what people say, AND THEN BLAME THEM FOR DOING IT.”

This has to be Crispin Porter, right? I don’t even have to bother looking it up.

This is non-traditional advertising done right. I saw the initial 30-second spot during an episode of Sunday’s King of the Hill. I then went online to Whopper Freakout and watched the whole spot, all eight minutes of it.

It’s worth it. If I could figure out how to have the embed NOT auto-start, I’d post it here. But I can’t. So just click above and watch it.

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