How to get something posted to boing boing

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Here’s a handy cheat sheet on how to get something posted at Boing Boing. Enjoy!

HOWTO get something posted to Boing Boing

We depend on the suggestions we get from you folks for the raw fodder for Boing Boing. We get a lot of suggested sites. Here’s an explanation of the best way to get a link published here:


  1. Do use the form
  2. Do describe the link
    This is the second most important thing to do if you want your suggestion to show up on Boing Boing. Tell us what the link is, and why you think we’ll be interested. We get a lot of suggestions and we visit a lot of sites and life is too short to click on links that we’ve probably already seen — if you can’t be bothered to describe the link, we won’t be bothered to look at it.
  3. Do include your email
    It’s optional, but if you send us a suggestion and don’t include an email address, then we can’t write back to you with questions and clarifications. (We don’t publish your email address, we don’t spam your email address)
  4. Do include your URL
    If you have a URL that you’d like us to link back to in the attribution section, include it in the form, and remember the http:// !


  1. Don’t submit links by email
    See Do number 1: we mean it. Sending stuff by the form is the only way to suggest a link for Boing Boing. No exceptions.
  2. Don’t follow up your submissions with email
    Don’t send us emails telling us you sent us links — we get thousands of emails and getting your suggestion and your reminder of your suggestion just adds work. We look at every submission we get.
  3. Don’t be cute in your description
    When we say “Describe the link,” we mean just that: where does the link go, and why is it interesting? Don’t be cryptic in your description, don’t obscure it with humor, don’t bury the description under paragraphs of preamble about something that’s not the link.
  4. Don’t send in stuff without links
    If you saw something cool on TV or received something interesting in email, you need to either find it on the Web or publish it on the Web before suggesting it. Boing Boing publishes links — so if there’s no link, there’s not much chance we’ll link to it.

We know how much fun it is to share cool links with other people and we’re really glad when you choose to share them with us. But when you send us links without describing them, or by email, or when you send in followups, or write confusing descriptions, you’re wasting your time. The best way to get something on Boing Boing is to try to do what we try to do: find something interesting, write an informative blurb about it, and send it along. Link

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