How do I explain Today to my Unborn daughter?

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This is a personal post. This isn’t about branding or advertising. This isn’t about social media or marketing.

It’s about a guy who’s about to become a father for the first time in the next week to ten days, and his confusion – When my daughter is born, she’ll soon be old enough to understand what tragedy is, like the one today in Boston. What do I tell her when she asks why it happens?

I ask people much more knowledgable than me – What do I say to her? When she’s old enough to understand that there are bad people out there who want to hurt good people, and sometimes they succeed, how do I explain it to her when she asks?

My friend CC Chapman sent me a message earlier today when I asked him, as a father, what he does. He simply said, “You say I Love You EVERY time you leave their side.”

I guess that’s it, then, huh? You hope for the best, and prepare for the worst?

Sometimes, I’m sad for the state of our world. Perhaps now, with a daughter just a few days away, I’m even more so.

Any parents reading this? I’d love your advice here. Somehow, it seems a lot easier to build a marketing plan for a billion dollar company than it does to try and figure out how best to protect my daughter from the very real horrors our world can bring.

Peace and love to my friends all around the world tonight, and prayers and thoughts for anyone affected by the events in Boston today.

-Peter Shankman

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