Friday morning, Jetlag, Ambien, and Bunny edition

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So I made it home.

Walked in the door around 9:00pm to two very pissed off cats. (Their standard mood.)

Flight wound up leaving Tokyo around 3:30 hours late, around 8:30pm Tokyo. (9:30am EST.)

I wound up sitting next to a lovely person who had a large supply of Ambien. Understand, I’ve NEVER taken Ambien, or any sleeping aid, in my entire life.

So what better time to start.

I had dinner, and when they took the meal away, I got out my Bose noise reduction headphones, and Vanity Fair. I swallowed a 10mg pill.

Next thing I knew, I was being gently tapped on the shoulder by the cabin attendant, letting me know that I needed to fill out my customs form before landing in 30 minutes.

I slept for 9 and a half hours.

Holy crap.


Woke up feeling fine. Not out of it, not buzzed, nothing. Totally and completely refreshed.


Person who gave it to me was laughing – “Yeah, they’re something, huh?”


In other news, send an email to my new pet Rabbit, named Henry Hudson. He was waiting for me when I got home, and I just set him up this morning. Email HenryHudson <the at symbol> – But keep it short. He tends to read them to me aloud.

That’s it. It’s a grey Friday morning, and I’ve got a ton of work on which to catch up. But it’s good to be home. This evening will find me sweating out the last week on the road at Trinity, followed by jumping tomorrow, if it’s warm enough. Monday finds me in Washington, DC, followed by Tues-Thurs in San Francisco. Home again Friday.

Ambien. Wow. I feel like Wesley Snipes in New Jack City, when he realizes the income potential of Crack. He holds it up and says “Damn. Crack.”

Damn. Ambien.

EDIT: A shout out to my friend Rachel who SWEARS that she told me how good Ambien was years ago.You’re not the only one, darling… Everyone told me how good it was. I simply didn’t listen. God. YOU’RE ALL SUCH ENABLERS!!

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