Final No Baggage Challenge Wrap Up

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So I spent a weekend in Asia with no bags for the ScotteVest No Baggage Challenge – I spent four days with nothing but my jacket, 6,800 miles away from home.

I survived. I loved the experience, no doubt. Would I do it again? Probably. I’d probably figure out a way to do both, though. No baggage is a bit extreme.

This past weekend, I was in Saudi Arabia for a consulting assignment. Instead of my backpack, I brought my SeV jacket, and kept my laptop in there. It was quite nice.

What have I learned from this? We travel with too much “Stuff.” Next time you travel, see what you can do without – It’ll make your life a lot more enjoyable. Trust me on this.

The other nice thing about this challenge was the difference we made for Best Friends Animal Society. Scott Jordan, founder of SeV donated $5,000 to Best Friends for completing this challenge, and many of you donated, as well. For that, I thank you.

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And it’s sporty!

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