Even I’m not this bad…

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An article that just out on ABC News talks about a study that says that more than 20% of business travelers carry more than one laptop.

That’s a bit much – even for me.

So I figure I’ll share my travel electronics list.

And ask about yours…

When I’m on the road… I carry…

My LG 8700 Phone on the Verizon Network.

My Blackberry Curve on the T-Mobile Network.

My Lenovo T61p

About 30 packets of Witch Hazel, Lactaid tablets, and hand sanitizer.

Three or four different chargers.

An extra laptop battery.

A bag of Mack’s Earplugs

My Bose QC3s.My Garmin (to figure out how far we are from landing…)

Sometimes, my rig.

What’s the most important thing you have to bring on every trip?

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