BREAKING – Ann Shoket – Next Editor of 17?

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I’m going out on a limb here… I think it’s gonna be Ann Shoket. Since Atoosa Rubenstein announced she’s leaving 17 (although not yet graduating high school since she’s launching a new teen centric biz TBD), the rumors of who will step into Atoosa’s Manolos are flying. WWD reports that CosmoGIRL!’s executive editor, Ann Shoket, who was on the CG! launch team with Atoosa, is on the short list–and in fact has been meeting with Hearst higher ups.

Makes sense. She’s got more industry connections/contacts than anyone else they might be considering, and certainly knows her way around a magazine. Her name is also easier to pronounce.

So stay tuned. See if I’m right. If I am, you owe me a Diet Pepsi. Well, technically, this is 17 Magazine, so you owe me like, you know, a Diet Peach Snapple. Like, totally.

In the photo below, Ann is the nine-foot-tall one, plotting how to eat the little children’s heads.


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