Because every conference needs a random moment…

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So I go up to Richard Robinson, CEO of Dada Asia, who, as you know, bought my former client Upoc a bit ago, (and is also the marathon runner I blogged about a half hour ago.)

Introduced myself, played the “who we know game” (this time it was Greg Clayman and David Friedensohn,) and then, of course, the conversation turned to our marathons.

Me: “Congratulations again on running Rome!”
Him: “Thanks. It was tough.”
Me: “I can relate. I ran New York this past November.”
Him: “Me too. Great race, huh?”
Me: Totally was. How’d you do?
Him: “3:58.”
Me: “Really? I ran a 3:58, too! 3:58:03!”
Him: “You’re kidding. 3:58:41!”

The world just gets smaller and smaller and smaller.

And smaller.

Myself with Richard Robinson, who you KNOW is all like, “dude, smile if you want, I’m SO gonna beat your ass in next year’s race.”

“You best bring it.”

“Oh, it’s broughten.”

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