Be the Person Who Knows

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What’s your morning ritual? The routine that’s standard every morning from the time you wake up until the caffeine kicks in a few hours later?

Your morning ritual can determine how useful you are to the world around you, and thus, how much people come to rely on you. And to come full circle, when people rely on you, you do moore business.

So for me, my routine is this: (And yours doesn’t have to start this early, it’s just how I live. Don’t be judging.)

4:30am: Eyes open
4:31am: Email
4:42am: ProductHunt
4:45am: Feed cat
4:46am: CNBC Asia
4:50am: Complain about exercising
5am: Exercise.
6:30am: COFFEE!!

What matters most in my day? 4:42, 4:43, and 4:44am. With that, I’m armed. Here’s how:

ProductHunt allows me to find the latest and greatest products, apps, and new ideas, all conveniently located in ine place. People vote them up or down, depending on how they like them, and that ranks them accordingly. This is how I’ve recently found out about RouteShare, HandMadeTea, and TurnedOn. You know what I do once I find them? (Other than use them?) I share them.

Next is, where I can see an aggregate of all that my friends have been sharing – the most important things within my network. The logic is that if people I follow are sharing these things, the people who follow me would also be interested. So I can retweet, and… yup… Share.

Finally, Newsle, a quick check allows me to congratulate anyone within my network who might have made the news in the past 24 hours. Easy, quick, and come on, who doesn’t like to be congratulated?

Networking – It’s not a science, it’s an art. And it’s easy, when you do it the right way. More importantly, when you do it the right way, you’re not the douche who throws business cards at everyone and wants to be known – Rather, you’re the person who people want to know, because you’re the person who knows. And the person who knows is the most important person in the room. (Tweet this!)

Be the person who knows. (Tweet this!)

Your favorite tips to be the person who knows? Let me know.

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