“An Hour A Day.”

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That’s how much time people with Internet access, on average, around the world, spend online. That’s 30 hours a month. I’m not talking about people in my industry – We’re the ones online 24/7. But think of this – Young adults – TV down 8%, Radio down 44%, Internet up 98%, from 2000-2003. These numbers come from James Chadwick, head of Strategy, Asia Pacific, for Mindshare. Makes you think.

James Chadwick speaking about where we’re going…

With that fun little stat in your head, I say good morning.

I was asleep early last night. Home from the dinner at 9:30pm, asleep by 9:31. Phone rang numerous times during the night, and I answered it each time. (Tip: Keep a can of Diet Coke by the bed. When the phone rings, take a swig. Clears the sleep right out of your voice. Callers didn’t know I was 12 hours ahead of them. I love that.)

Up at 5:30am, to hit the gym at 6, found that all four hotel treadmills were taken. By walkers. WTF? Come on, walkers? If you’re walking, you can walk the halls of the hotel. Walkers should not be on a treadmill. (I know that sounds totally arrogant, but I don’t care.

So I walked outside, put on my headphones, and started running.

Came to a street corner, looked to me left, saw no cars, ran into the street, and nearly got killed.

Remembered that traffic flows the other way here.

That woke me up. Kept my head on a swivel and ran a bit more aware for the rest of my five miles.

It really is beautiful to run in a different place first thing in the morning, though. You have a bond shared with other runners, you know nothing about them other than that they believe in the run enough to get up and outside early like you’re doing. It’s very cool – Not to mention how cool it is to see the sun come up in another part of the world. That’s just beautiful to witness.

Back to the gym (of course, all the treadmills were now empty) for weights, then upstairs for a shower. I’ve become a weird fan of taking cold showers. I don’t really know why – But I rarely turn on the hot water anymore. Odd, yes. But it’s kind of nice. Totally wakes you up, gives you great color in your cheeks… I kinda like it.

Getting to the conference (in my hotel, which was easy) met up with Simon Bond of Proximity, who I haven’t seen since the last conference. I’ve decided that he’s the Pacific Rim version of Greg Clayman. I mean that complimentary to both men – they seem to share the same brain – they both work the room with brilliance, saying hi to everyone, shaking hands and offering air-kisses. They’re both very, very good at what they do, and they both walk into a room and make you feel like you’ve just been fortunate to meet them. It’s impressive to watch.

Met Jean Miller, Director of International Initiatives for Second Life, who has one of the cooler business cards I’ve ever received. Will scan the cool part in later for you.

“If you get 100 people online, then 1 will create content, 10 will interact, and the other 89 will just view it.” – Guardian Unlimited Article.

Makes you think.

So the conference is in full swing now, I’ll update over the course of the evening. I’m also speaking about marketing/advertising on NPR Tuesday morning, will post a link a bit later.

Finally, check out this “cheeky” campaign for the Toto Washlet, about to appear over Times Square. And yet, they’re banning condom ads on Fox. OK then.

PS: Asia is STILL ahead of the US in mobile phone technology, even with the iPhone, and it STILL pisses me off.

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