A few words on Faith..

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I was skydiving the other day, and saw someone on the plane wearing a black helmet. Totally blank, except for one small, yellow sticker: “FAITH.”

You’d damn well better have faith when you’re about to jump out of an airplane. But also when you do other things… Virtually anything. When you take a new job. When you start a new company. When you pitch a new reporter. When you take on a new client. Anything. You’d better have faith that it’s gonna work. If you don’t, you’ve lost 3/4ths of the battle to begin with.

I started a new company a few days ago. It hasn’t officially launched yet, but it exists – www.airtroductions.com – the concept is simple – Meet people who will become your seatmates before you get on the plane, and choose the one you want. Makes like nicer. I hae faith it’ll work.

When it comes down to it, you don’t really have anything else, do you?

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