Your End-of-Day goals

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Everyone always talks about goals. What they are, how you can reach them, better and faster ways to get there, and of course, exceeding them.

Being a huge fan of streamlining, I’ve come up with sort of a “Master Goals List” (MGL), that if followed, should put all your goals, every day, into an easy to follow checklist that you can review at the end of each day, in your head.

1) Have I helped someone today? There’s no doubt that helping people benefits you, your karma, and possibly just as important, your bottom line. Being able to help people is hands down, one of the best ways of improving your own life in all facets.

2) Have I made someone smile today? Study after study shows that humor, laughter, and making people smile is one of the best ways of living your life. Making people smile benefits every aspect of your life, and will generate lots, and lots of new revenue opportunities for you. Everyone wants to work with a happy person.

3) Have I helped someone or something less fortunate than me? I was going to say “just help an animal,” but I realize that for some of us, this is hard to do each day. So perhaps you do something each day that helps any being less fortunate than us. A stray cat, a homeless person, or perhaps just someone in another part of the world not as fortunate as us.

4) Perhaps most importantly, “Am I really getting paid for this?” If, at the end of your day, you silently giggle to yourself and say “I can’t believe I get paid for this!” then it means you’re doing well, and living your life to the fullest. Think about how much time you spend working – Being able to say that you enjoy your job – truly enjoy your job, makes you one of the luckiest people in the world.

If at the end of your day, as you’re brushing your teeth, you can nod your head as you ask yourself if you’ve achieved these four goals, then congratulations: you’re doing very, very well, and you can go to sleep with a big old smile on your face.

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