You are not a product of your circumstances

Happy Mid-Week!

So I was on my Peloton bike at 4:30 this morning, (as I always am…) and the song “Solisbury Hill” by Peter Gabriel came on ,and it got me all sad. See, that’s the song I always quote when I board my last flight home from any overseas business trip. It’s a reminder that I’m headed home to my daughter, to what’s familiar to me, and that there are people waiting for me back home who love me.

Of course, because my travel has been cut to zero thanks to the pandemic, that song is a reminder of what I don’t currently have.

But then I started thinking: These circumstances we’re currently in won’t last forever, and travel will come back. As such, it’s up to us to make the right decisions NOW that will allow us to be fully ready to take advantage of everything that comes back, as soon as it does come back. And that’s going to happen quicker than we think.

So I offer you this today: You’re not a product of your circumstances. You’re a product of your decisions. The decisions you make today will affect your results tomorrow. What decisions will you make today?

Discount alert: Speaking of decisions, my new puppy has made the decision that pooping where he’s supposed to results in treats for him, so his training is working! I was fortunate enough to be sent a DoggieLawn – I live 60 flights up. Until Waffle is no longer a puppy, taking him downstairs every two hours to pee isn’t really that convenient – I’d never get any work done. But a patch of actual live grass that sits in my bedroom, doesn’t smell, and is better for the environment than wee-wee pads, and gets replaced every two weeks? That’s what I’m talking about! They’ve hooked me up with 5% off every order for my readers – Just use code Peter5 at checkout! This is the most brilliant use of a subscription model that I’ve seen in years, and any affiliate revenue I make goes to help animal rescue charities, as you know.

That’s all I’ve got today! Happy Wednesday and much love from my family – Me, my daughter Jessa, Waffle the Rescue Puppy, NASA the 21-year-old Wonder-Cat, and Violet the Hamster.

PS: One more time: The speaking and storytelling course goes live in two weeks – Save a ton of money by pre-ordering it now!

PPS: Of course, Waffle the Rescue Puppy has his own Instagram. Follow him for your daily dose of “aww!”

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