Why you should always carry a camera, reasons 8012 and 8013

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Walking to a meeting with Microsoft today, I came across another second-coming image off 10th Avenue. I imagine some higher power being all like, “yeah, let’s do a lost-ark of the covenant thing just a bit west of Times Square today.”


Then tonight, after dinner with my friend Sarah, I stopped at BJ’s Wholesale Club to stock up on supplies. Kitty litter, soda, Fitness Water, toothpaste, etc. I LOVE that store. It’s sick and fun and scary.

For years, I’ve joked about BJ’s. “Oh, it’s the place you go when you need five gallons of Mayo.” You know, that’s what everyone says about that place.

So what do I see when I’m heading to the check-out line? You got it. A guy buying tons of 5-gallon jugs of Mayo.

I was floored. “You’re the joke!” I shouted. “I’ve got to take your picture!” So I did.


That NEVER happens. It thrilled me.

It takes so little.


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