Why Just Work the Room, When You Can Easily Work The Whole Conference?

Quick tip today… I was giving a speech on Monday in Vegas to a pretty big crowd of about 2k people. The night before, after I’d checked in with my contact, I decided to grab a quick bite in the hotel restaurant before heading to bed.

Once at the restaurant, by myself, I sent out this tweet:

No one showed up, which was understandable… I used the show hashtag, but it was still the night before the event kicked off. BUT…

The next morning, over 30 people came up to me before I went on stage, to introduce themselves and tell me how much they wished they’d seen my tweet, they would have joined me for dinner! End result? I gave a speech with a good portion of the audience already feeling like they “knew” me, and absolutely rocked my keynote.

Long story short? Don’t just do the normal things. Do things that might seem a little different, every chance you get. Different is good.

Have a great weekend!

-Peter Shankman

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