Why I love Starbucks, Reason 471

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UPDATE: I just Googled her and found out who she was – She’s been linked to Robbie Williams, and was the “outrageous” one on the show. Hee!

Because not only does Starbucks allow me, for the price of a tall coffee and $20 a month to T-mobile to work for hours in between meetings in LA, but because you never who’s going to be sitting next to you when you look up.

This time, it was Lisa D’Amato. Who, of course, you probably don’t know – but that doesn’t mean she’s not coming up in the world. Lisa was most recently seen on Top Model 5, and of course, she has a myspace page.

But the coolest thing about Lisa, was that as she sat there talking to her friends, she broke into a rap. Which of course, because I’ll talk to simply anyone, I had to ask her to repeat, for the camera. And thanks to my little Logitech quickcam, I can present to you, Lisa D’Amato, with what I think is her own made-up rap, live from the Starbucks #5620, at 1900 North Highland Avenue.

You just never know who you’ll meet.

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