Why I don't worry about the Future

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Walking back from running errands just now on this Saturday afternoon, I came across three Seniors at West Point, from Left to right, Andrew, Phil, and Gary. They had cammo backpacks on their backs, and they looked tired, so I had to ask what they were doing.

“Well sir, we’re walking from West Point, where we go to school, to Ground Zero to pay our respects.”

Left to right, Andrew, Phil, and Gary

I asked them how long they’d been walking, “About 22 hours” was the answer.

I asked them if they were going to do anything when they got there.

“We have an American flag we’d like to hang on one of the fences if we’re permitted to.”

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I asked them why they were doing this.

“Just to pay our respects, sir.”

After shaking their hands and asking if I could buy them a Gatorade or something (They declined,) they were on their way.

What have we done for our country lately? Next time you see a soldier, shake their hands, offer to buy them lunch, or just give them a thumbs up.

If we’ve got people like Andrew, Phil, and Gary ready to take over, I’m not worried about our future at all.

Bravo, Gentlemen.

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