Why a Tiger is Sleeping Like a Baby Tonight…

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The entire world stops today, almost all news streamlines into one story (with the exception of a terrible plane crash/act of domestic terrorism in Texas.)

Everything has shut down now, as the world waits… Waits… Waits for the Tiger… not to Roar, but to meekly crawl out of his den, wring his hands, shuffle around, apologize, and ask for forgiveness.

At least, that’s the script he’ll stick to.

In real life? Tiger is sleeping like a baby tonight, the night before he hits the public and the media for the first time since his encounter with a tree, a five-iron to the head, and a dozen or so women.

Why? Because it comes down to this:

We need Tiger a lot more than Tiger needs us.

Think about it: His press conference tomorrow is so coordinated and scripted, calling it a press conference is like calling Guantanamo Bay “open court sessions.” The media isn’t even allowed into the SAME ROOM as him! They’ll be in a bunker next door, while Tiger reads a statement.

Not while he takes questions, because he won’t. Not while he’s asked anything as he leaves the room – because no one will be there.

This is the Tiger Show, a stunt produced by the PGA and his agent and management firm. And we’re all buying into it.

End result: Tiger is an amazing, amazing golfer. And tomorrow, he’s going to get up on stage, tell the world he’s sorry, and wants to focus on his golfing. Then he’ll go back to playing in tournaments, he’ll go back to winning, and the second a reporter dares cross the line and ask him a question outside of his putting game, that reporter will lose all access to Tiger forever. And every other reporter in the world who still has access will just crowd in a little bit more.

The media is all worried about what Tiger is going to say – How is he going to say it? Is he worried? Is he sleeping well?

Please – Tiger’s sleeping without a care in the world. Tiger is plotting his return, and Tiger, from a media, branding, and YES, even sponsorship perspective, has absolutely nothing to worry about. If Tiger is still on his golf game, and there’s no reason to think he’s not, Tiger will still reign supreme, will either get back all his sponsors, or get a ton of new ones, and life will continue to go on for him. His golf ball world will continue to spin, he’ll continue to rake in the cash. As to what happens to him and his wife and his mistresses privately? I have no idea – and none of us will have any idea – And that’s just what Tiger wants.

“Go on. Be a Tiger,” says one of Tiger’s ads. Fact is, love it or hate it, he’s doing exactly that, and mark my words – Despite whether you love him or loathe him, Tiger Woods is going to come out a thousand times stronger when this is done. These few months were nothing more than a vacation from him. And now he’s back, tan, rested, and ready. Watch out.

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