Where The Hell Is Matt Is Back!

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When I saw Matt’s first video in 2006, I was so jealous… So so so jealous. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it wasn’t entirely jealousy – it was envy, but in a good way – in a “wow, that’s something else to add to my list” type of way. Which is a good kind of jealousy! It helps you grow as a person.

With his latest video, I still believe that. And I’m still a little bit jealous. but it’s very, very cool.

Congratulations, Matt. You’ve done it again. Bravo. When we emailed back and forth in ’06, you said you were going to do it again if you could find the sponsorship. Well, you stuck (no pun intended) to it. I’m proud of you. Well done.

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