What the hell?! I thought Facebook lifted the cap?

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Apparently, Facebook has not lifted the 5,000 friend cap, despite articles to the contrary. Damn it!

Well… I guess… Just hang out until they do? It’s not that I don’t want to be friends with you.

And before y’all start with the definition of a “friend,” or “why would anyone want 5,000 friends,” etc., know that I consider everyone I meet on the same initial scale – I’m an optimist – perhaps the last optimist about humans as a whole – I assume people are good until they prove otherwise. What’s that great line from MIB? “A person is smart. People are idiots.” I believe in persons.

In other words, add me as a friend, and if I can help you, or offer something to you through my profile that makes your life better, I’m happy to do it. Throw a sheep at me, though, or any of that zombie or vampire crap, and you’re history.

It’s logical, right?

UPDATE: Going through and deleting people who entered me as a friend when they joined Facebook, but then have done nothing else. That’s freeing up a bit of space.

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