What better way to shout “STEAL MY iPOD!!”

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<In ad pitch meeting>

“So here’s our idea – Those New Yorkers, they’re always running around on those underground busses – I think they call them “subways” or something. Anyhow, what if we put little audio jacks there, and people can listen to our music on the platform through our advertisements?”

“Great idea! And I was watching Sex and the City last night, it seems like the city is incredibly safe now, so I doubt anyone would ever steal the iPod the people have to hold in their hands to plug into our ads!”

“Definitely! OK. Let’s do it. Good job, guys. Wanna get some dinner?”

“Sure! How about Bennigans?”


<end pitch meeting.>

Sigh. Who’s brilliant idea was this?

18th St. #1 uptown train. Empty platform.

UPDATE: This photo is in no way intended to make you think that the person listening to the advertisement is not intelligent. In fact, she’s more intellingent than most – note the bag securely wrapped UNDER her shoulder, as well as the other iPod ear bud NOT in her ear, but dangling. This would imply that she can easily hear any potential threats coming her way. Well done. We should all be this smart.

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