What a $15,000,000 horse looks like

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So after speaking this morning to a company in Lexington, Kentucky, I was invited to Castelton Lyons, a horse farm here outside of Lexington owned by Tony Ryan, (the founder of RyanAir.)

I got to pet Toccet, son of Awesome Again and Cozzene’s Angel, (by Cozzene.)

What makes a horse a $15,000,000 horse? Bloodline, bloodline, bloodline, and how many races he’s won.

Now, he sits in a field all day and gets $50,000 per mating. He mates about four times a day.

Nice work if you can get it.


Me and the horse. I’m the one in the photo not worth $15,000,000.

Big thanks Julia and Phillip Hannan for making this possible. And of course, to Carolyn Hundley at Creative Lodging Solutions for indulging the 12-year-old in me that “wants to pet a horse.”


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