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So I figured I needed one home, one world, where I could keep a little bit of everything…

So that’s what I’ve done. Welcome to the brand new www.www.shankman.com. I’ve had this domain name since 1997, and have been offered a ton of cash for it on more than one occasion. But come on – How could I sell it? It’s simple in the elegance of it: www.shankman.com. My last name. Easy enough. Plus, it makes it a heck of a lot easier for people to remember my email.

So what do we have here? Well, if you look to the right, we’ve got a calendar, as well as a map of where I happen to be in the world. Considering that the majority of my blog posts are done from some kind of airport club (like where I happen to be now, as I head out to CES) it would seem to make the most sense. Hey, where’s he typing this from? Now you know. Also, if helps if I happen to be in the same city as you and you want a cup of coffee:

New rule for 2008: If I’m in the same city as you, and you want a cup of coffee, I’ll always buy you one. Only thing I require? Have something interesting to share with me when we meet. That’s all. Easy enough. Free coffee for something interesting to say. I think that’s a fair trade.

Below the calendar, you’ll find a bunch of the stuff you’re used to (and if it’s not there now, it will be soon…) including my Twitter box, my Lijit stats, and my AIM contact balloon.

Finally, there’s better searching, archives, and the like.

That’s the blog.

Now… If you click the tabs above, you’ll get some more info, as well, including my background, a bigger version of the calendar, current clients and projects, how to get in touch with me (although with all the info on the top right, I might be getting rid of that tab,) and finally, a way to join a mailing list that I’ve yet to create. It’s on my list of things to do. I swear.

That’s about where we are for now. I’d love to hear some feedback. Should I change things? Keep things? Move things around? I rely on my readers for their thoughts…

I’ll probably be sunsetting www.prdifferently.com within the next few weeks, and linking it directly to here… Makes sense, since the blog is here, right?

Either way, I want to hear your thoughts. Comment box is below, feel free to use it.

As always, thanks, and welcome! 🙂

-Peter Shankman – 1/4/08

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