Wednesday Remainders

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Random Wednesday thoughts.

Even though they’re one of the most fun clients I’ve ever had, I’m glad I wasn’t handling the Great Ice Pop Debacle for Snapple yesterday. (Although they’ll get great press out of it.)

Michael Scanlon is not a smart publicist.

Colin has interesting thoughts on prostitution as a form of marketing. I’m sure we’ll see street women working CES next year.

Anyone want to guess on how long it’ll take for a post-death (with death being an operative word, anyway) album?

And on a personal note, why can we send men into space, put microchips onto the head of a pin, and into the head of a cat, yet we still can’t figure out ways to make the weather somewhat decent so I could sneak off and do my AIF Levels 5 and 6? I mean, seriously. I don’t ask for much.

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