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Any desire to get your company, logo, or brand image in front of thousands and thousands of people, all around the world, all throughout 2010?

It’s no secret I travel a lot.

It’s no secret I speak a lot at conferences, major corporations, etc. when I do.

It’s no secret my Macintosh comes with me wherever I go, from Asia to Starbucks, from Australia to Whole Foods, from Newark Airport to the Tokyo Subway.

So far, I’m booked for over 50 speaking gigs in 2010. I’ve already purchased airline tickets totaling over 125,000 miles SO FAR. I’m expecting this year to be busier than last year, and last year, I traveled a little over 300,000 miles. I’m thinking I’ll crack the 400,000 mile barrier this year.

I figured out that my laptop is out 80% of my flight time, (and last year, I was upgraded to Business Class or First Class on 94.4% of my flights.) Additionally, I spent 90 minutes or more PER FLIGHT in an airport lounge, waiting for said flight. My laptop was out for 98% of those lounge visits, all across the world. Of course, it’s also right side up through every single pointless TSA scan, every flight, every time. Hey – note the second row, right photo – My HARO sticker is on a NASA jet! Beat that!

I bought a new Macbook Pro last week.

Want to sponsor it? Want to get your logo seen by well over 100,000 people in a year? (And you know how I talk to EVERYONE…)

I’m auctioning off five three left! sticker spaces on my new Macbook Pro cover for $2,500 a piece. That comes out to about $200 a month, or $50 a week. They will stay on my laptop all year, and you’ll “own” that piece of real estate on my laptop’s case. If anyone asks about your sticker, I’ll send them to whatever website/email address you want.

Last year, I got more than 200 people to sign up for HARO simply because they saw the HARO Sticker on my laptop and asked me about it.

Want in? Email me – peter -at- shankman -dot- com.

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