Want to help me send some people home for the holidays this year?

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The one thing I try and never forget is that I’m I’m really, really lucky. I get to do what I love, get paid to do it, and get to see the world in the process. That in itself keeps me incredibly humble. 

It’s no secret that I travel for work constantly. Heck, I’m writing this in the United Airlines club at Newark Airport, about to head out to Bangkok to give a speech. People always ask me how I do it – “How can you spend all that time in a plane?” Heck, for me, it’s my writing time. All three books? Written on planes. Blog posts? Planes.

Maybe I travel TOO much.But the number one question everyone always asks? “What about the miles?” The miles, the miles, the miles. “Wow, you must have so many miles!” “What do you do with all those miles?” Well, yeah, I do have a ton of miles, but think about it – The last thing I want to do when I’m actually home with my wife and kid is to travel again! So I rarely use the miles for me. Instead, I give them away. I give as many as I can to charity each year, but that still leaves me with a ton of unused miles, even after birthday gifts for friends and the like.

So last year, I decided on a new way to give back. Last December, I was able to give a bunch of miles away via a blog post/contest, and send several people home for the holidays to see their family. It was spectacular – I was able to help several people get home for the holidays when they otherwise couldn’t have. It felt AWESOME.

That said, I WANT TO DO IT AGAIN! And this time, I want your help!

I’ve already reached out to my second home, United Airlines, and they’ve agreed to contribute – They’ll probably match my miles, or something else cool – So I’ll be able to send a LOT more people home for the holidays this year! Now, if you can, I want YOU to contribute as well!

Got extra flier miles? Donate a trip! Got AmEx points? Transfer them! Own a luggage company? Sure! Got Groundlink codes? Yes! Just want to donate cash to help someone get a cab from their home to the airport? You can do that, too! Anything you want to give that you believe can help a person get home for the holidays when they otherwise couldn’t will be accepted, and you’ll get the most awesome feeling of helping someone less fortunate than you!

What’s the purpose of getting to live your life the way you want if you can’t give back?

I’ve created an easy form where you can fill out what you want to donate, simply click here to be charitable! It’s incredibly simple. Seriously.

The post/call for entries for people to go home for the holidays will go up by early November, once we figure out who’s donating what and how much. But even if no one does anything, I can guarantee you that I’ll be sending at least six people home this year. Withyour help, I believe we can make a lot more holidays pretty amazing this year.

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