VZ vs. Sprint: Round 1: Cameras

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So my VZ 8100 vs my new Sprint A920. Took them out last night and took identical photos.

First thing I noticed… Sprint’s system doesn’t let you simply email the photos like VZ does. With Sprint, the pictures are sent as links via email, directing the user to a website. This gets annoying, as if I’m sending to another mobile device (a blackberry, etc.) that’s not a phone, they can’t just download and view the photo, they have to go to the site. I tried sending a photo from the Sprint phone to my sidekick, and it sent a link that required I log on. Once I did, I still couldn’t get to it. Had to wait to come home and either go online, or insert the memory card into the computer and upload it.

Either way, here are the photos. Neither were great, (they were both identical pictures of an LA Weight Loss Center sign above a Ray Bari Pizza store. Ah, the irony.





Thanks to Pamela Parker and David Pendery for texting me and helping me play with the phone. Phone number is still 816-352-2288. Go crazy.

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