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Sitting at the airport, waiting on my flight home, I discover, thanks to my friend Peter, Yahoo Livecast – And of course, because watching me is boring, I immediately discover that livecasting random strangers is a LOT more fun.

With that said, this is Becca… She was my first Random Traveler Livecast. I focused on her for about four minutes, while she called a friend and discussed their workout plans – more specifically, talking about Yoga, what they would do to a specific Yoga instructor, and how they were going to meet up again next week.

random traveler

So welcome to Becca, and we look forward to bringing lots more. Had you been online at the time, you would have actually heard the conversation. Stay tuned for future random traveler livecasts – that much is for damn sure.

Next, I’m also introducing “Idiot Things Travelers Do.” Perhaps I’m getting more cranky as I get older… Or perhaps the technology is getting better so I can show these things… I don’t know. What I do know, is that my tolerance for people doing stupid things is diminishing. And with the amount of technology I carry on my person at any given time, there’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to show it when I want to show it.

So with that said, I present the first installment of “Idiot Things Travelers Do.”

random traveler

This idiot was on New Jersey Transit a few days ago, deciding that she could take up the entire row of seats. Let alone the people about to get on who would now have to stand.

The best part of this photo in my opinion, though, is the guy on the top left who’s totally laughing at what I’m doing. That make it all worth it.

I’m in Cleveland and Dayton later this week, speaking at the PRSA Central Ohio Luncheon. This should be fun. It’s sold out!  

More soon.

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