Trend Alert: The Business Chip

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I wanted to wait until after the conference ended to see how these went over. And I’m thrilled to report that they were the hit of the show.

I got the idea after Lili from Online Tonight gave me one of hers a few months ago. So I had them made, and figured this show would be a good chance to introduce them.

The next generation of business cards.

Introducing, my Business Chip.


The reaction was better than I ever could have imagined. People had never seen anything like them before. They’re actual “clay” chips, just like they use in Vegas, but with my information on both sides. People were grabbing them like candy, holding onto them, taking pictures of them… They went over very, very well.

I got mine at The Chip Store, and had the artwork prepared by Bill Weber at Bill Weber Studios. The photo of me jumping was taken last year by Zak Tessier.

This was a gamble (no pun intended) I took to see what would happen. And I’m thrilled to say it couldn’t have gone better. These will be my new business card from now on.

I was, (sorry…) in the chips for the entire show! (Groan.)

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